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The Quantum Physicists haven’t quite worked it out yet but know there to be ‘something’ that cannot be measured or understood – yet.


I believe that we all exist on difference frequencies, like radio stations, and that it is possible to tune into someone’s energy field. CST is a form of energy healing and so there is no reason why it could not also be effective over long distances.


When one of my clients was out of the country on business and needed a session, I offered to treat her remotely.  She felt everything as if I was in the room with her so I decided to offer it to everyone not just existing clients.


Distance healing sessions are carried out on Monday to Friday (09:00 -5:00 GMT).  Sessions last 30 minutes.  To book a session, please book online.  


When your session is booked and confirmed, I will telephone you 5 minutes beforehand.  We will spend a few minutes going through any of your concerns, the call will end and then lie back and relax as if you are on a massage table.  The session lasts for about 30 minutes and I will telephone you again to check in with you.

Payment is by donation – pay what you feel you would like to. 


Here are what some clients have text me after a distance healing session.


“Thank you so much for the treatment, it was just the same as if I was in the room with you.  I instantly felt the “flow” around my body and feel better already.”


I’ve been releasing for two days now, the anxiety is massively relieved and I feel more grounded, thank you.”

20/03/20  This morning, I rang a client to tell her of the face to face suspension due to Coronavirus.  She was still in bed and said she felt depressed and had been crying. She couldn't see the point of getting up, there was nothing to do and the prospect of no money coming in is terrifying her.  I told her that it would be possible to have her session as a remote one, so we booked it for later this morning.


I texted her when I was about to start and she pinged me one back to say she was ready.  The way it works is to tune into her energy, a bit like tuning into a radio station.  It felt as if her system was discharging overwhelm and I sensed releasing in her pelvis, neck, head and heart.  Half an hour later, I rang her and this is what she said.......


I feel more positive and energised!  I'm getting up to wash my garden furniture and set it up as an open air cafe on my decking.  Although I have an empty home there is a heart waiting and I'm very happy to receive visitors and their flasks on my decking.  Open air visits to keep me sane and safe!  Thank you Lulu, a million times better than first thing this morning!