At your first session, I will take down a case history in order to get to know you.  This session is a little longer but generally they last about an hour.   Treatments generally take place whilst lying on a couch and you are fully clothed.  I often begin with gentle touch at the feet and then move around the body using different hand holds.  I may stay in one place for many minutes to allow the system to settle and let go of whatever it is holding.  I will talk to you telling you what I am sensing and encouraging you to listen to your own body in order to fully understand its needs.  You may feel different types of releasing such as heat, tingling, stretching sensation, rippling water sensations, cold or occasionally an emotional release.


You may notice an immediate effect but often the body continues to release over the next few days when you should notice a difference.


Sometimes one session is enough but generally, depending on your history you may need several sessions.

I am also available should you need to contact me for support in between sessions.

Booking online is now possible.​


Please allow 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment otherwise you will be charged the full rate.

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