“You created such a safe, happy and positive environment and as a result you have given me wings so I can fly and become a more self-assured and independent person.”

Overwhelming Life Experiences


Trauma results from overwhelming life experiences ranging from difficult births, car accidents or even essential surgery to domestic violence and the horrors of war. These experiences are stored in the physiology of the body and chronically alter the function of our nervous system.



Anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness, insomnia, irritability - these symptoms may all indicate an underlying state of Autonomic Nervous System activation; a defensive state where the body is constantly geared up for fight or flight.  This is being in a state of hyper-arousal.


Life-threatening events and overpowering events in infancy may result in dissociation and fragmentation. Clients may present with low energy, poor motivation, poor concentration and depression. Some parts of the body may become ‘hidden’ and CST can help clients come back to into body awareness and mobilise frozen energy.


How CST Can Help

This very gentle treatment can allow, through subtle attunement, the client’s body to let go of these memories that have become physically manifested within the body and let the whole system become one again.


At the first session, I often do the treatment with hands off.

Sometimes results are fairly immediate but often progress may be slow.  Whatever resolves, it is done at the pace you can cope with.

Here is part of a letter from a client who had suffered a major childhood experience that had affected her throughout her life.  Although she needed nine sessions, she changed into being the person she was truly meant to be.


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