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When a client contacts me they often ask "Can you treat….." and my response is that I treat the body as a whole.  I focus on the health within the system and do not "treat" a symptom.  It is remarkable what the body can do if it comes back into balance.  I feel as if I am purely the facilitator.


I think that we are each born with a level of coping, some higher than others.  And of course, birth is also a factor in this ‘coping level’.

Physical & Emotional Strains

As we go through life, we pile on stresses and strains to our bodies in the form of accidents, injuries, operations, abuse (both physical and emotional), bereavement – all these add to the tension held within the physiology of the body and there comes a time when the ‘coping level’ is breached.  This is when, I feel, that things start to go wrong. The body can no longer look after itself.  It can no longer self-heal.


Central Nervous System Rebalance

This is when CST comes in.  As a therapist, I tune into the body by ‘listening’ to it with my hands.  The central nervous system recognises this therapeutic touch and can begin to rebalance itself.  It works at both an emotional and physical level at the same time.


For the best results, a series of treatments is recommended.



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